The founder

Founder of Outdoor Designer Store, Nicholas Hadji, is a successful business man and entrepreneur.

Starting his first company 'Complete Exposure Design & Marketing' in the early 90’s, his business experience spans an impressive number of industries including retail, corporate, hospitality, and design.

From events and product launches to graphic design and brand creation, Nicholas's creative knowledge is vast.

With a passion for all things innovative and original, new ideas were consistently emerging.

The idea

In 2014, having gone through an outdoor design project for his own backyard, Nicholas noticed a fragmented supplier network within the industry and difficulty in discovering bespoke high-end outdoor products for his project. There was a gap in the market – a need to connect designers, suppliers and consumers.

And so... Outdoor Designer Store was born.

“Master landscapers do so much more than lay grass in your backyard. They’re designers, savvy outdoor furniture connoisseurs and experts in maximizing your space. When I realised there was no central system that made it easy to connect quality suppliers to outdoor designers and consumers, I decided to do something about it.”